Kingmax Strip Cutting & Skiving Sewing Machines

GT901-20 Leather splitting machine

GT901-20 is stationery knife leather splitting machine, it is for leveling and splitting vegetable tanned leathers. It can level (even out) various high spots in leathers or split it into a thinner piece from 15/16oz to 4oz, which makes it easy for a leathersmith to keep a smaller inventory of leathers around the shop and take a full use of the leathers, it also helps the shop to make more profits. The machine is completely adjustable of the required weight or thickness of the leathers, and it can be driven by hand or reversible electronic servo motor.

GT801      Leather Skiving Machine
GT801H   Heavy Duty Leather Skiving Machine

The machine with the gear driven top&bottom roller feed system; Built-in automatic knife sharpening and adjustable speed control; Equipped with knife protecting cover to prevent the operator from injury. Maximum width of skiving is50mm; repeated passes with the machine can achieve the required width. Suitable for skiving the edge of folding seam, as well as thinness-chopping of PU spares and all kinds of leather products,rubber such as saddle and harness, strap, leather coat, luggage, and leather gloves.

GT801S Strip Cutting Machine

This machine features a total cutting path 12 inches, allowing the operator to cut as wide as a 12 inches path of the leather in one pass. Adjustable blade spacing allows you to cut wide and very narrow straps. Quick change blade system allows the operator to change the cutting width very easy. Suitable for skiving genuine-leather, leatherwood, plastic cloth etc. The machine cuts any length up to 3/8 inch thick with a 14" wide cutting capacity.

GT801T  Multi-Function Leather Strip Cutting Machine

This is special equipment with two small heads&one small pedal for cutting leather, artificial leather, cloth, rubber plate, paper sheet etc. It is especially suitable for cutting braids and binding strips in the footwear, leather industries. Customers can adjust the cutting width freely. It can finish cutting several strips at a time