Kingmax Zigzag Sewing Machines

GT271  (Only for Embroidering)
(For both Embroidering and Zigzag sewing )

This series machines are designed with the modern fashionable appearance.The simple inside structure and durable inside parts ensure the consistent sewing performance at the high speed,wide application and easy operation and maintenance. For sewing light and medium weight materials,such as bags,jeans etc.

GT2150      Bottom Feed
GT2153      Top&Bottom Feed

 Top&bottom feed, Differential feed, 13mm zigzag width
Double needle, Bottom feed zigzag

This series zigzag machines are the bottom and top feed zigzag(2153&2153B), equipped with the large hook and reserve device. The changeable cams realize 1,2 and 3 steps zigzag stitch. High speed and easy operation and maintenance. The different feed of GT2150B & GT2153B make the largest zigzag width up to13mm (only1step and two points zigzag). Suitable for sewing medium to heavy weight materials,such as bags, shoes,gloves and diving dress etc.

GT2153L-18   18"Long arm, Top and bottom feed
GT2153L-30   30"Long arm, Top and bottom feed

This series machines are developed based on our regular GT2153.18"and 30"long arm as the option. The large working space especially ensures machine can stitch the large size material. Suitable for sewing medium to heavy weight materials, such as tents,canvas etc.

GT2150M        Cylinder bed, Bottom Feed
GT2153M        Cylinder bed, Top&bottom Feed

GT2153MX     Cylinder bed,Auto lubrication,Top and bottom feed

This series machines are equipped with the large hook, high working efficiency. The small diameter cylinder(80mm)ensures the small tubular products sewing application. 1,2 and 3steps zigzag stitches achieved by changing the cams. Also, the binder as the option. Suitable or sewing medium to heavy weight materials,such as shoes,bags,gloves etc.

GT2150H     Post bed, Bottom Feed
GT2153H     Post bed, Top&bottom Feed

This series machines are the post-bed zigzag machine(180mmheight post), large hook, high working efficiency. Suitable for sewing medium to heavy duty material, such as shoes, caps, golf bags, etc.

GT2156   Feed-off-arm, Top&bottom Feed

This is one special feed-off-arm zigzag machine, adopts the bottom and top feed with the small hook. 45mmsmall diameter cylinder,and the open type top cover ensures the simple maintenance. Suitable for sewing medium to heavy duty products, such as caps, bags, shoes etc.

GA525      Single Needle, Bottom feed(cam changeable)
GA525-2   Double Needle, Bottom Feed

GA525-D  Thread Trimmer (cam changeable)

GA525-F  Top&bottom Feed

This series machines adopts the straight needle bar movement,which make sure the powerful feeding and consistent zigzag seam. Unique hook and semi-auto 

lubrication system ensure the high speed working at the low vibration. Different sewing pattern cams are available for fancy stitch. Suitable for sewing. Suitable for sewing medium heavy weight materials, such as luxury shoes, bags, sofa etc.

GA525-1L      30"Long Arm, Bottom Feed(cam changeable)
GA525-1L-D   30"Long Arm, Bottom Feed, Thread trimmer,
cam changeable)

This series machines are developed based on regular GA525 with30"long arm. Puller is as the option.Suitable for sewing Suitable for sewing medium heavy weight materials, especially for the large size products,such as mattress labels etc.

GA204-104A  Top&bottom Feed, Economic Zigzag(thick thread)

This is one economical zigzag machine,only 1step and 2points zigzag and straight stitch. Large shuttle hook,high working efficiency. The powerful top and bottom feeding structure ensures the consistent seam. Suitable for sewing medium and heavy weight material with the thick thread,such as sofa, saddles,cars seats etc.

GA204-103  Bottom Feed (thick thread,cam changeable)
GA204-104  Top&bottom Feed (thick thread,cam changeable)

This series machines are equipped with the large shuttle hook,low bottom thread changing, high working efficiency.Camchangeable realize 1,2 and 3 steps zigzag. The top cam cover box ensure the easy cam changing and simple maintenance. Suitable for sewing medium and heavy weight material with the thick thread, such as sofa, tents, parachute etc.

GA366-32-12       Bottom Feed(cam changeable)
GA366-50-12HA   Bottom Feed(large working space, cam changeable)

This series machines adopt the link thread take-up,the imported special large shuttle hook and large bobbin. The unique straight needle bar movement ensure the powerful feeding.Camchangeable realize 1,2 and 3 steps zigzag. 20mmmax.foot lift by knee. Puller is as the option. Suitable for sewing medium and heavy weight material with the thick thread, especially for the sail application.

GA366-76-12       30"Long arm, Bottom feed(cam changeable)
GA366-76-12HA   30"Long arm, Bottom feed(large working space, 
cam changeable)

This series machines are developed from the regular GA366-32-12 and GA366-50-12HA. Puller is as the option. Suitable for sewing medium heavy weight materials with the thick  thread, especially for the large size sails etc.