Kingmax Special Sewing Machines

GT1850          Bartacking Sewing Machine(Standard)
GT1854G-24   Bartacking Sewing Machine(Heavy duty)

This series machines are 1-needle,high speed,cylinder-bed,lockstitch bartacking machine. Large sewing space,low tension stitch, foot lift can up to17mm, both the lateral and longitudinal feed amounts adjusted easily. Mainly used for the all kinds of bartacking on all garments, labels etc. 

GT1900A      Computer-controlled Bartacking Machine
GT1900AH   Computer-controlled Bartacking Machine (Heavy Duty)

GT1900BH   Computer-controlled Bartacking Machine (Large hook)

This series machines are the high speed computer-controlled bartacking machine. Its.max speed up to 3000RPM,direct drive, quick start&stop with the high working efficiency, semi-dry machine head,two steps foot lift,small but simple panel provides the easy operation. Suitable for bartacking(reinforced stitch)on the medium and heavy weight materials, such as jeans,leather labels etc.

GT1254    Split Head Computer-controlled Pattern Machine

This is one high speed computer-controlled patter machine with the split sewing machine head. Special designed sewing head controlled by the cylinder for the different thickness material,and its max.foot lift can up to80mm. Suitable for thickness and extra thickness materials, such as cushion,car seats,god mat etc

GA300U101   High Speed Compound Feed Chainstitch Machine 
GA300U194   High Speed Compound Feed Chainstitch Machine

This is one special high speed, flat-bed, double chainstitch machine. Compound feed, auto lubrication, simply looper through out, no bobbin winding but with the binder. Suitable for sewing medium and heavy weight materials, such as mattress, tarpaulins etc.

GT55-1  Glove Sewing Machine

This is one special designed post-bed sewing machine for the glove application. Adopts the cam take-up lever, looper hook thread and top feed for the double chain stitch. No bobbin winding, high working efficiency. Suitable for sewing gloves as well as other tubular products.